I purchased a replacement remote 139.53778 for my 1995 garage door opener 139.53641SRT. I have followed all the direction, on the opener, in the manual and that came with the remote and I still can’t get this thing to work. It initially worked just opening or closing, then would work again in about 5-10 min. now not at all. I have changed the battery, the opener gets a signal I see the light illuminate. what “trick” am i missing? thank you.


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  1. cindy316,
    I am sorry you are having a problem with the remote. I looked up the model number you submitted. The remote you have is for an opener that is older than a 1992 model. The remote that will work with your opener is stock number 30498. You can purchase the remote from your local Sears store.
    I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you need further assistance.


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      Thank you very much Mark. My sears store sold me this remote twice. Took the first one back thinking it was defective....apparently it was not the remote that was defective. :-) just kidding.... Thanks again, Cindy

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      Hi Mark,unfortunately I am back. I purchased the 30498 opener tonight couldn't wait to get home to program and watch it work, but it didn't. The directions are quite simple and i followed them, trying several luck.
      Hoping you have some suggestions as to why it might not be receiving the signal.
      Thank you,

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      I am sorry you are having a problem programing the remote. I know they can be tricky because you have to program these a little differently. Let me try to assist you with programing. First, remove the visor clip from the back of the remote. Then find the program button in the slot the clip came from. Once you find the program button push it with the visor clip until the led on the front of the remote comes on. Once the light is on push the learn button on the opener. This button is by where the white wires connect. After the learn button pushed the led should come on. If the light it on push the selected button on the remote until the lights on the opener flash. The instructions say up to four times but I have had customers say it took 5 or 6 times. Just push the button and release wait one second for the lights to flash. If no flash, push the button again and wait. Do this until the lights flash. After the light flashes, push a different button on the remote to exit and save the programing. After exiting the program mode, check the operation of the opener. If this does not work, try the steps again. If that does not work try other remotes you have. If those do not work either the problem could be in the logic board. The logic board it the part that receives the signal from the remotes. Usually if this part fails, the customer decides to purchase a new opener. Please let me know if you need further assistance. Mark

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      Thank you again Mark for your time. I did do all you stated above as those were the directions, but will start fresh again this weekend.
      My opener is 17yrs old, would this be the reasonable life of the logic board? is the logic board replaceable? and if I do opt for a new opener do you have to buy the entire thing or can I just take the motor down and replace with a new motor? (i'm a single mom and intend to do this myself) Best regards, Cindy

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      The logic boards are usually very dependable but like all electronics, they are susceptible to power surges. Power surges can damage the electronics on the board. I looked up the cost of the logic board and it cost $88.99 plus tax and shipping. A new unit will cost about $140.00 but it has a one-year warranty. I do not know if the new opener will match up to your existing rail or not. If it does not the instructions for installing the new opener are easy to follow and you do not need any special tools. The main brackets are already mounted so you do not have to mount them. It may take you a few hours but it will save you the cost of installation. If you decide to replace the logic board, the parts can be ordered from

      Let me know if you run into any problems, I will be happy to assist you. Mark

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      Thank you once again Mark. I sounds like the way to go is a new unit. I will start doing some homework and waiting for a sale :-)
      No doubt I will be back.
      This is the best customer service I have had in ages!
      Best regards,

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