I purchased a treadmill, which was delivered broken on 7/26. Your delivery people took it away the same day. I never took delivery of the product. It is now day 6 and I can’t get anyone to return my calls or answer my emails. My Sears account has been charged $1144 for merchandise that I don’t have. All I want to do is pay the difference for a better product and I can’t get any help. What has happened to Sears’ customer service? My order number is 534656762

I originally posted this yesterday. I still have not heard from anyone from Sears via email, phone call, text..Nothing. Abysmal customer service.


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  1. Hi mbrown301! I know our SearsCares team did reach out to you on your original thread. A team member will directly connect with you soon to help.

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Yes, they reached out with the canned response that someone will contact me. Well, I'm still waiting. My email is ***** You have my phone number through the order information.

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