I purchased an Electronic Control unit (part # W10380685) for my KitchenAid dishwasher (model# KUDS30IXSS0). Everything works fine except when drying, the vent does not open. So I think the controller either has defect on that or the controller is not good for this model. Has anyone had the same problem?

The original part # is W10195347 and the one I got from is a sbstitution with part#: W10380685. It does close the vent when start washing, but does not open when drying, which supposed to.


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  1. There are two styles of vents used in this model. Some models have a fan assisted dry, called ProDry and some models like your particular dishwasher do not have a fan assisted dry. In your model without a fan motor assisted dry cycle the Vent should remain closed through out the entire wash, rinse and dry cycles. It will stay closed for an additional 6 hours after the cycle is completed. The vent will remain closed for the entire cycle. If you wish to check the vent operation then if the dishwasher is paused during a Wash or Rinse cycle the vent should open untill the cycle is restarted. Without a fan the vent should not open during the dry cycle.

  2. The W10380685 control is the correct part for this dishwasher. I'm not clear if the vent problem existed before you replaced the control or if you replaced the control to fix an existing vent not opening problem. The vent wax motor is the most likely cause of the vent not opening problem and not the control though a failed control might cause the problem. Make sure the connections are tight after turning the power to the dishwasher off. A new control having the same problem as the old control is not likely. A new control failing is possible does happen but most of the time the problem is something else like a bad wire or connection. If the vent didn't work with the old control and doesn't work with the new then I suggest you try the W10375841 vent assembly with wax motor to fix this problem.

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      Thanks for your reply. The old controller did not work well. The washing stops in the middle when water is first drained. That is why I bought the new one. But the old one does not have vent problem. After I replace the new one, everything works fine, including the vent closing at begining. Duing the whole process, the vent is closed and the wax motor feels hot. Then the vent does not open even during drying and the wax motor keeps feeling hot. Onely after the whole process is finished and the green light is on and the door is opened and closed again manually. Thus I doubt that the wax motor has problem. I guess it is the defect of the new controller.

    2. In response to SHC-FredM

      I actually found this document$FILE/W10436103.pdf which explains that the vent remains closed for the whole process, including drying process. Thus my suspect of the controller not working properly is wrong.

  3. HI monadli! Welcome to MySears! I am sure an Appliance Expert can offer some insight into this problem you are having with the controller on your washer. Please check back soon for a reply.