I purchased my push mower a year ago with a protection plan, called when a cable broke they said bring it in and we will fix it, I asked 3 time do you repair locally and they said yes! I dropped it off they then tell me it will be 2-4 weeks before it returns from Pittsburgh, PA. WTH, why pay for a protection plan that you lose half of it in repair time and shipping. I could have replaced the cable in 20 minutes and had my yard mowed if they had a parts store.


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  1. During prime mowing season isn't the time we'd like to be without our lawnmower. When the person answered the phone, did they say "this is the Sears national call center?" Generally, drop-off items are not repaired in-store, as that would require an entire parts warehouse on-site, a full staff to repair, and a facility in which to do the work, all of which is not practical in a retail environment. Likewise, were a store to carry one of every part for every appliance, lawn mower, tractor, weedwacker, chainsaw, pressure washer, treadmill, and everything else that's been sold there for the last 10-20 years, a similarly huge set of resources would be required. Centralized repair facilities serve to keep the costs lower for the customers, and allow for a maximum variety of repairs available.

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    With an inventory of approximately 7 million orderable parts, how many stores do you think should carry the parts?

    The Depot repair system is organized to make fast and efficient work out of fixing "one" type of equipment.

    For doing your own work, you can look up the parts list of your machine on the Sears Parts site, using the machine's long model number, found on its data plate.

    A list of parts and an exploded diagram will be displayed of the machine, along with the name and part numbers of the various parts, their price and availability.

    When out for repair, the depot fixing your machine does all of this work.

    Time to fix is one week to do the store pickup of machine(s), one week to return the machine, plus the time to order and receive parts, along with performing the parts replacement and verifying the operation of the machine.

    For many customers, this is an excellent way for their machines to be repaired.

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