I purchased the garage door opener md- 9- 53778 and my unit has a learn button. when it programs it kicks the 2nd unit out and visa versa. each unit will program but only one will work at a time. I use to have three going so I don’t get it


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  1. Thank you for the opener model number 139.53628SRT. The new transmitter should be part number 30499 and it should have black buttons. I believe the problem is the two transmitters you have, 139.53778 and 139.53718 are older styles that will not work together. To get multiple openers to work you will need the 30499 transmitter. Two of these 30499 black button transmitters should work togetheron the model 139.53628SRT opener. It you bought two of the newer 30499 transmitter and still have the problem let me know and I will contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

  2. What would help determine which transmitters will work is the model number of the opener. Good luck on the new transmitter.

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      The new one didn't work either. it would program but I can't keep two going at once. actually 3 with my wife's car. The model number on the opener itself is 139.53628SRT

  3. The problem is that both remotes are using different technology. They will work separately but not together. The 139.53778 number is the model number of the newer transmitter. Is there a model number for the actual opener? To use two transmitters you will need to replace the older transmitter with one similar to the 139.53778 transmitter. If you can locate the model number of the actual opener I will try to provide you with the transmitter you need.

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      It kicked out the code on my wife's 2009 chev impala also I reset it and it's fine. I'll try buying another one like the new opener I just got and see if that works, but I have a feeling it won't. the opener that was replaced was run over by a car and smashed so I threw it away. It's should allow three opener to work though right?
      I'll try it tonight.

  4. Thank you for the additional information. I would like to discuss this problem with some other techs so we can give you the best possible answer. No one wants to see the wrong part purchased so please grant my a little more time, till tommorrow, for further investigation into this problem. Check the post tomorrow afternoon for any updated answer.

  5. Be sure you are programming the 2nd remote within 30 seconds after the first is programmed.

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      I tried that and waiting over 30 seconds and neither worked. I would by another new one but I'm afraid it would do the same.

  6. Both remotes should be Security+ 3 function remotes. The two I see for this unit are 139.53753 and 139.53752. I suspect one of the remotes is not for the model opener you have. I will need to do further research on this problem. I will post additional comments as soon as I can.

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      Ok I'm home now. The model number on the old one is 139.53718
      and the new one is 139.53778

  7. Thank you for the reply. Do both the remotes have the same part number? The opener model number should start with a 139. Check and see if there is a model umber that starts with 139. I am limited to the information I can bring up with the 9-53778 number.

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      The 9 is a small 9 with _ under it but I don't know how to do that on this lap top. I'm sure the remotes don't have the same model number because one is new yesterday and the other is years old.

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      I'm not at home right now but... The new one info off a e-receipt is TRANSMITTER,3 FUNC TRIM 953778 MDS and the model number on the old one is 139.53718

  8. Start by clearing all the codes on the opener. To do this press and hole the "learn" button until the LED next to it goes out (about 6 seconds). Now no remotes should operate the door.

    Now program in the first remote. Press and release the "learn" button and within 30 seconds press and hold the button on the remote. Continue to hold the remote button until the lights on the opener blink. Do this same thing for each additional remote.

    If you're still only able to get one remote to program that means one of the remotes is bad. It's a "radio language" fault that causes one remote to work at a time but it's the remote doing it, not the radio built into the opener.

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      I'll try and let you know Thanks!

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      Ok,I'm not sure I understand. I cleared the program and then programmed each remote again. They both work when I program them but they kick out the previous one. So which one is bad if they work on there own.

  9. Hi damour399,

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    I have forwarded your garage door issue to our Sears Experts to see if they can help in getting your garage door opener's to work at the same time.

    I will be contacting you via email once an answer is posted.

    Thank you!

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