I purchased the model 33114 gas water heater and had it installed by sears. there are air bubbles in the hot water almost like a carbonated drink. these disappear quickly. is that normal?


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  1. Just to confirm the previous post that is is a normal occurence with a Hot Water heater. Since the unit is new if you have worries or questions then a service call might be in order. Setting the thermostat to a lower temp would help reduce the amount of bubble.

  2. Yes it is normal. It is exactly the same as carbonated drinks.
    Under pressure water can, and does absorb gases (air) when the pressure is released (opening a bottle of carbonated drink) the water cannot hold as much gases(es) and they escape as bubbles. With a water heater the process is accelerated as the gases in the water also try to expand as they are heated but are, to a large degree, contained by the pressure so when the pressure is released there are even more bubbles with hot water than with cold.
    I hope this helps.

    1. In response to inquisitivemind

      Thanks. That eases my mind. I had visions of the pressure building up to the point it would trip the pressure relief valve. I had just not seen this in previous water heaters.
      Thanks again.