I REALLY want the Speechless Poplin Square Neck Party Dress but it is “Temporarily unavailable” When will it be available? i need it pretty soon — thanks



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  1. Hi bluerest49! Thanks for posting your question today. That dress is so cute! Looks perfect for a wedding or outdoor summer event. I will do some checking to see when this will be available. Check back soon for an update. Thanks!

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      Hi thank you for replying -- and thanks I'm planning on wearing it to a graduation/graduation party :) Anything yet on when it will be available? Thanks!

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      Hi bluerest49,

      Is this the dress that you are referring too? If so, do you know what size you are needing for graduation?

      Thank you!

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      Yes and probably a 5.... but I may need the next size up...

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      Great! I will check on this today for you and check for a size 5 and 6.

      If we get this info for you today, we will be sending you an email with store locations.

      Continue to check back periodically just in case we need more info, plus we will let you know if we have sent an email.

      Thanks again for the quick response ;)

    5. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Hi bluerest49! I am so sorry to tell you that the dress you are interested is not in stock nationwide, and does not look like it will be coming back any time soon.

      So sorry! I hope you will be able to find another dress for your graduation! has loads of great styles to choose from.

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