i recieved a pair of diehard steel toe shoes as a gift and they are too small and i dont have a reciept can i take them back for exchange


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  1. Let's put it this way, Sears policy is no exchange without a receipt. There is no way to return the item and then buy it back again, that is how an exchange is handled.

    What the manager might try to do is to give you a gift card in the lowest selling amount for the boots. And since it was just Christmas that amount will be very low indeed.

    Give it a try, I just wanted to warn you what is very probably going to happen.

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      Last year I had exchanged a few items to bigger sizes with no receipts for those items (men's clothing) for which were gifts in March.

      Hmmm.. I wonder if they were suppose to or not especially in reading through the return policy.

      Very interesting indeed. ;)

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      Who bought the items? If it was you, and you are a SYWR member then you wouldn't need a receipt, just a phone number. If is was someone else who bought the items, you really lucked out.

      Like I said give it a shot, wont hurt to try!

      But the policy is no returns or exchanges without a receipt. And as anyone from the old site knows, I highly DISAGREE with this policy.

      Especially on the gift registry items. That really is a bunch of bull!

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      That question really depends on the store, depends on the associate, and depends on the circumstance.

      If the shoes are brand new I don't see any reason to deny an even exchange. It is an even trade to the store and costs nothing.

      Like most competitors, Any no-receipt returns or exchanges will require proof of identification and are tracked by how many you make in a given period.

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      HA HA HA!!! Did you really just say that??? You have stuck up for that policy so many times before.

      Like I said give it a shot.

      I really wish we could get on that old site, give me 10 min. on it, I'll come back with some quotes! Hehehe!!!!

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      I have actually done it many times.

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      But like i said, new items, something that could be resold. If yes there really are no problems with it.

      Trying to return something unusable is a completely different story.

  2. It is normally best to call your local Sears store if this is where your boots were purchased, for if in-store you can exchange (so I was told). Gifts can be a hard one to determine for a possible exchange for many factors can come into play.

    If you are able to get this information from the gift provider it will be easier to determine the return policy itself.

    Were they purchased in-store? Online? Marketplace Purchase?

    Once you gain this information you can either call the local store in your area, use the Sears "Chat" Representative, "Click to Call" or re-post to this thread.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hi anthonyngibbs,

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    Yes! You absolutely can take them back into the store to exchange for the right size if you know that they were bought in-store. (so I have been told)

    Please let us know if you have any other questions and thank you for becoming a new member of the Community.

    We look forward to future participation!

    Have a great day! ;)

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      Really? When did Sears change that rule? Interesting.