I saw a Sears ad that has an LG Steam Clean Washer. Does it wash with steam only and no water? If so is it safe for cotton and dark colors so that clothes dont’t fade or shrink? and how about the dryer how does it work?


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  1. LG steam washers have a steam generator inside, and at the end of the washing part of the cycle, steam will be introduced into the wash basket from the bottom. Steam helps loosen fibers and break down stains. If the garments are safe in warm or hot water, they're safe with steam. The steam dryer has a water tank in the same place the washer has its detergent dispenser. You fill the tank with tap water, filtered water, or spring water (not distilled), and when you choose the Steam Refresh cycle or Steam Sanitize (if it has this cycle), the dryer will draw water from the tank and send it to a steam generator similar to the one in the washer. The steam will then be sent into the drum at the appropriate time. Steam in the dryer helps remove wrinkles and/or odors from clothes that aren't dirty (clothes from the closet or clothes worn just for a few hours). Steam sanitizing allows you to sanitize items that normally shouldn't be exposed to high water temperatures, like polyester items (backpacks, stuffed animals) and sneakers.