I see there is an 18-month interest free purchase option for an elliptical I was looking at, if you purchase with a Sears card. I don’t have a Sears card, but would apply for one if there is a way to get the approval and use it for purchase before the “special offer” deadline of 1/31/13. Do you know if that’s possible?


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  1. Hi njwrberry! An elliptical is such a great workout machine to have in your house! I am sure you will be happy to have it.

    You can apply for a Sears Card when you place your order. Upon checkout when you place your order on, you will be an option prompting you to "apply for a credit card". Once you fill out the requested information you will know if you qualify for a Sears Card instantly. If you do, you will be eligible for the interest free benefit.

    I hope you are able to take advantage of that deal! Please let us know how things work out and how you like your elliptical once you receive it.

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