I shop in Sears almost everyday….and I never can get any help in the sporting good or electronics department? Where are the employees? Im very displeased with not being able to receive any customer service…..UUUGGGHHH

Shreveport LA: Mall St.Vincent location


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      • San Jose, CA

    A couple of potential customers were standing in the exercise area for almost 15 minutes, without any one rushing up to help them.

    Once the couple relocated to around the Department's (Hardware, Electrical, Lawn & Garden, and Sporting Goods) bank of cash registers, they were helped, after other customers who had already approached the cash registers were helped, within 5 minutes.


    There is basically a choice between standing in the area where one feels they "should" be getting faster service.

    Or, walking up to where the Sales Associates and Cashier(s) are working to get someone to walk "over" to the area service is desired.

    The couple who made the trek to the Cash Register area received multiple apologies for not having been spotted earlier and left the store with a nice deal on a brand-new exercise machine.

    Sometimes, compromise DOES work out better than should-of, would-of, could-of's.

      • San Jose, CA

    Go to the Tool Department. They often share duties with the Sporting Goods department.

  1. Hi Redbone01! Thank you so much for posting your feedback today. This feedback is important for us to hear! We will be sure to pass along your experiences in the sporting goods and electronics departments to the Stores Team.

      • San Jose, CA

    If the department is not being staffed with on-hand sales people or a cashier, you need to have the nearest "staffed" department page for an employee to come to the department you need help in.

    Sometimes they're stocking and don't see you.

    They could be helping other customers, just out of greeting range.

    They could be doing work in the warehouse, prior to returning to their display area of the store.

    They could be helping the warehouse people to "find" a Pick Up at store, purchased item.

    Or, someone may have called in sick that shift and the department is actually temporarily short staffed.

    1. Perhaps a sign at the unmanned cashers' stations informing the prospective client where they might get service would prove beneficial?

    2. It is not (or should not be) the job of the customer to wonder around the store until they find an employee. Serving the customer should be the first and foremost job of every employee. To expect the customer to go to another department, find an employee, request that the employee that they have found page someone, return to the original department and wait until the employee who has failed in customer service decides to show up is totally wrong.

      I do not care what the excuse is, when the customer is repeatedly unable to get answers and spend their money easily the entire store, from general manager to janitor, has failed.

    3. I fully agree with you, except that in the case Sears it does not stop at the GM going up, it is the executive 'mindset' that the prospective customer look for service.

    4. Golly gee AdamO you're just so smart! Thanks for all the great advice. Sounds like Sears has you well trained. You know exactly what to say for every question or problem. This exact thing happen to me last summer when I went south. I couldn't find a clerk to help me and I had alot of merchandise so I dumped everything on the nearest display table and went to another store in the mall. It turned out to be a better deal for me I found almost all of the same stuff at a better price and I got a real live person to help me! I didn't have to go to the next department or go out to the warehouse or pick-up area or figure out if a clerk is not working in their designated area. So excuse me if I sound sarcastic, I am. Your response to Redbone01 was condescending. All you did was make up excuses and talk down to Redbone01 I'm sure he can probably figure why a sales clerk would not be available, he wants to know why EVERY DAY! and EVERY TIME! he goes in there no is around! So now do you get it!? Then you wonder why customers get mad when you look down at us and give these very unintelligent answers. Even JulieK's answer was not to answer, but to just pass the buck. Oh how we love that response.

        • San Jose, CA

      Actually, this was the EXACT process my wife and I did to get help with getting an AARP approved cell phone unlocked from a display in a Wednesday afternoon Electronics Department, at one of the local sears stores.

      If you "want" help, sometimes you have to go look for it.

      If you want to just drop what you have and go elsewhere, that is one of your options.

      I hope you've noticed I've managed to not insult you, while posting this reply to your post.

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      No hand written signs are allowed to be placed on display in the stores.

        • San Jose, CA

      Place an Internet order, with a Store Pickup and telephone the store from outside the Merchandise Pick Up location and you won't even have to enter the store.

        • San Jose, CA

      There are a LOT more store associates in a sears store than say a Home Despot.

      And, Home Despot wants most of the customers to "ring-up" their own purchases.

      So. While not being ideal, sears is certainly not the worst retail outlet, struggling with its available supply of employees.

        • San Jose, CA

      So. You folks have Full Service gasoline station aisles, where an attendant comes springing out and cleans your windshield and checks your engine's oil level, while you are both patiently waiting for the mechanical read-out gas pump "fills" your fuel tank?


      I guess times have changed since, "The good'ol days".

      Scan the room. Locate someone wearing a "blue" shirt and stroll over and ask them your question or que up in line.

      What is being proclaimed as lack of Customer Service might be more appropriately referred to as "Lack of Employ resources".

      All retail businesses are trying to deal with this balance act, between service level and employ "overhead".

      I am surprised Sears seems to be singled out by some people experiencing this phenomenon.

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