I shopped today & was asked if I wanted to redeem my points. I couldn’t remember my PIN, so was unable to do so. I noticed on the keypad, there were 4 blank spaces for a pin. I came home & looked on my emails for the PIN, but I have an 8 digit number. Will that work next time I shop ???


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  1. If you have never redeemed your points before, or have never changed your PIN code, your PIN was recently changed to your ZIP code. Also, PIN codes can be between 4 and 8 digits long. Have fun spending your points!

  2. I have also just given the cashier my phone number and she was able to look them up for me (store purchase).

      • San Jose, CA

    I am always forgetting or entering in the "wrong" numbers. So. I have some experience with this.

    What you do to recover your PIN is to go to the sears SYW site and enter your email address.

    The site will email you your PIN, for you to use next time you visit the store.

    The sears PIN is 5 digits long and is a number.

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