I started working at sears sat. the 24 of aug. at 10 a.m. within an hr. of being there I noticed a shop lifter. I went to the office and reported it. Later that day i reported another one. Both times nothing was done. The following sat. the 31st at 10:05 a.m I noticed two young white males taking parts out of a gear puller set. I went to the office and reported it. On my way back to the auto center I saw a lady putting a set of wrenches in her bag she was holding and turned around and reported it. On my way back from reporting that noticed a lady with 7 or 8 pieces of clothing on hangers walk out the door and get in a blue car and drive away. The same day a lady that works at the store gave a oil change to one of her friends free. also one of the mech. give a discount to one of his friends and reported them to the store manager. the following monday my manager called me to the side and told me to stop doing that and look the other way because if I did it again I would be probably be fired. Today I called my manager and told him one of the guys in the shop had been gone for 1 hr and 45 min. he said I’ll be up there in a little while and take care of it. When he got there I was called into the office and was fired. I thought I was doing the right thing but I guess I was doing the wrong thing. Appaently took it as I was telling them how to do their job when I said you need to get someone back there their stealing you blind.I was always there early worked over when ask to and did everything ask of me except look the other way as was told I was let go for the good of the team. Does anyone think this is wrong besides me???


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    The good news is that there is a minimum of paper work to fill out and most of the time, employees are not accused of stealing, with this kind of inventory depletion effort.

    Everyone KNOWS the real money is lost by fraudulent or unreasonable returns.

  1. Call 88sears. 1 - 888 - 88 73277 (spaces left so it doesnt block the #)

  2. Hi bronco 1972,

    We thank you for reaching out to us today! I am sorry to hear of this incident for which falls under our Code of Conduct status.

    Contact information below is provided to help in your continuance of reporting this issue.

    If you have any questions about the Code of Conduct, a SHC policy, or any suspected improper conduct, you have an obligation as an associate to contact and discuss the matter with your supervisor or department manager, an officer, a Human Resources representative, or the Office of Compliance and Ethics. If you raise a concern with one of these contacts and the issue is not resolved, you should raise it with one of the other contacts.

    Please reach out to your District Manager or our Human Resources Office in continuing to report this issue. In not knowing which store location this issue has occurred, I was not able to locate your District Manager. To do so, please click here and add store location information.

    For further assistance with Human Resources, please contact 1-888-88sears (888-887-3277).

    Thank you and please let us know if we can help you further!

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      There is more going on at this store than just customers walking out with stuff.There are new sets of tires being set out in the used tire storage area,no holes being drilled in them. Than after a few days their gone. Ask my manager about why new tires were being put in with the old ones.Not stacked up with the old ones but stacked up right inside of the gate. Told me he couldn't sell them so he was throwing them away. 15in. michelin tires 16in goodyear tires not 4 but 5 of each. The shop is out of just about everything needed to run on a daily bases. I was only in the shop for 3 weeks before I was let go and there was stuff going on every day. The more I reported these things the more managment got mad at me. Told me I was trying to tell them how to do their job and fired me. I was a manager of a manufacturing plant for 6 yrs and what they are doing is not how you run a business that you want to do good. You have employees falsifying their time sheets taking 1 and 1/2 hr lunches and putting down they were olny gone for 1/2 hr. Employees giving things away to their friends customers walking out the door with stuff almost everyday and being told to look the other way that it doesn't concern me. Than reporting an employee for leaving work for 2 hrs while on the clock. Being told by my manager he's on his way and he'll take care of it when he gets there. Asks the person I reported how he was when he got there, walked right past him without saying anything to him. Then calls me into the office and tells me he's going to have to let me go because I'm no good for the team. He told me the week before if I didn't start looking the other way that I would be fired. Then after he fired me I said so I'm getting fired for doing the right thing. I said you told me if I didn't stop reporting things you were going to fire me. Then he said I didn't say that and it's your word against mine who do you think their going to believe you or me I've been here for 19yrs go ahead and report me.And this is where I'm at know without a job that I really enjoyed doing,and all for doing what it says to do in the employee hand book.

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      I have to correct myself he told me he 'd been with the company 26yrs not 19.One of the guys in the shop told me he had been there 19 himself.

  3. Talk to HR.

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      Called, don't think their going to do anything about it either. There is no one on the west side of the store in tupelo, Ms where I worked. I tried to tell them that people were walking right out the door. There isn't even a register or personal at that exit. You can walk in grab hands full of stuff like cloths shoes tools and go put it in your car and come back for more. I saw this happen with my own eyes and these people do nothing. Was told it happens all the time by people in the office,so they can't say they didn't know. Just about every time I walked out of the shop into the store I'd notice someone putting something down their pants or into a bag from another store. I walked through the mall looking for security. Didn't have to go far to find one. This gentleman told me he could stop anyone he saw stealing anywhere in the mall except sears. He told me that someone from sears had to stop them and then call him. They tell all employees that they are not allowed to stop anyone they see stealing, but to ask them if they can help them. Oh here sir let me get that door for you sence your pockets and hands are full of stuff your stealing. Oh and sir you have a nice day and come back soon. Why be nice to him he's stealing from you at least take the stolen stuff back from him and tell him not to come back. He's not making the company any money the only thing your doing to earn his buisness is letting him get away with it, he's going to come back after he tells all his friends how easy it was. If this is how they run a sears store I'm glad I got fired because thats one team I would not want to be part of.

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