I want to buy a Kenmore washer & dryer. Unfortunately the hookups and drain are on the right side of my closet where they will go. Since all washers (front loaders) hinge on the left, I need to see if I can get longer supply hoses and drain hose to reach across the back of the dryer ( approximately 6 feet from the bottom of the washer to the drain). Will this cause performance problems? Any warranty issues? Thanks


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  1. If necessary, you could get the Kenmore Elite 41102 and matching dryer. The door on the washer can be reversed, as can the door on the dryer.

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      That is a Frigidaire built model and unless Frigidaire (Electrolux) have improved the design of their spiders to improve drainage and provide an aluminium alloy more resistant to corrosion, as Whirlpool claim to have done, then that may not be an advisable choice from the longevity and minimizing the possibilities of foul odors viewpoints. Note that Whirlpool also claim to have altered the 'vanes' on the back of the outer drums to also improve drainage and further reduce the possibility of foul odors. As far as I am aware Frigidaire have not but I am am always willing to learn.

  2. The only possible drawback I see is with the hot water supply in that there will be an additional 3ft or so of hose that will need to be 'drained' before 'hot water' actually reaches the tub. As the front load washers generally use much less water this may be a cause for concern particularly if the selected model does not have an 'on board' heater.

  3. Hello jimlisson. I agree with BigMike4511. You should have no problem installing the supply lines for the washer in that manner that you are describing. It should not cause any performance problems or warranty issues as long as the installation complies with the guidelines in the installation manual.

  4. A six foot distance should be no problem at all. The supply lines are are available commercially as are 6 foot long drain hoses.

    Major chain hardware stores will have the hoses in stock.

  5. Hi jimlisson,

    Thank you for joining the MySears Community!

    In all the places I had lived, they have always been on the left and never on the right. Strange!

    Let us see if we can help you with these issues. I am going to escalate to our Sears Appliance Experts to see if they can provide you with some troubleshooting tips to help with this situation.

    Please check back for a response.

    Thank you!

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