I was at a Sears store today and saw the beds. There was a bed they were featuring that was kind of like a Tempur-pedic bed but it was not that. I think it is by Sealy or Serta but I forgot the name of the bed. I would like to get one in a queen. does anybody know the name of this special bed made by Sealy or Serta that has 2 layers of a foam type filler?

It was a special display but apparently they sell this special bed and will indefinitely. There is a box spring but the main part that has the several layers of foam and gel-type filling is in the mattress. One is firm, one is much less firm and one is in-between.


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  1. Got an answer for you, Kooler1!

    Here is the mattress you are referring to. It is from the Serta iSeries. Copy and paste the below link to your browser bar to check it out.

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      julie-Yes that link does bring me to the webpage of iComfort Queen. I saw they had 2 models at the Sears and the sales lady said there was one more that they did not have out but it was firmer. The one I tried was in-between as far as firmness and felt perfect for my needs. She said there was 2 pillows from Serta that they were giving with a purchase, but I did not see that on the page you sent me to. Also, I had no idea there were so many variations. This one was a queen, had a box spring that was part of the iComfort series and of course the actual mattress. This is the one I would want due to the firmness and the price, but I do not see the exact one on the webpage the link took me to. I saw a lot of other beds just like the one I saw, but I did not know they had all of the various variations. I guess I need to find out the model and what the specifics of this queen that I liked are so I order the right one. maybe the bed experts can help me.

  2. Hi Kooler1! Great question. I have sent on your inquiry to the Mattress team to see if they can help. Check back soon for a reply. Thanks!

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      Julie. thanks. Yes I saw them and sat on them, but I was more interested if anyone has used them and what they thought, long-term. I even read a pamphlet the saleslady gave me. I have used Tempur-Pedic, but the feel was much better and there was more firmness in one of the models, which is what I need. I even thought the price was pretty good. The saleslady told me they are on sale. She was not sure of that particular Sears is going to be around much longer, which would leave Salt Lake City with one Sears downtown, and I have heard they are thinking about closing that one.

      Is Sears closing all the stores nationwide does anybody know?


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      I am not getting the emails telling me there are posts from this main post on the bed. Is the other website gone and this one replaced it? any idea if there is an expert on beds around because the link you sent me to was good to see but it had so many beds on it I need help first identifying exactly what bed I tried at the Sears store and what I need to order to get the combo like I saw in the store. The saleslady in the store told me the bed and box spring are on sale and I would like to get the right firmness I tried at the store before they go off sale. I do not know how to reach you like I did on the other website.