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  1. Thank you for your question. If ice is on the floor most likely the defrost drain has become clogged. There is a defrost heater on the refrigerator that keeps the unit Frost Free. When it melts the frost that builds up the water should go down the drain to the drain pan where it evaporates. My suggestion is for you first to defrost the freezer. Remove your frozen food and place in the refrigerator section with the door closed. Turn the unit off overnight with the freezer door open. This will alow all of the ice to melt. Next turn the unit back on and replace the frozen food. If the problem repeats then the drain is clogged and will need to be unclogged. This gits a little complicated and you might want to have a service technician check the clog. If the problem is solved then things should be okay. I hope this helpd. Thank you for using mySearscommunity.

  2. Hi chuckwheat, The ice under the icemaker is from the icemaker. It could be overfilling slightly or it could be leaking from the water fill valve. These issues are going to leave a icicle hanging from the icemaker. If you are not seeing this, and the floor you refer to is the bottom floor of the freezer, It is likely caused by the evaporator drain under the evaporator coils either freezing of the drain is clogged. If this is the case I would recommend you call 1-888-266-6317 and have a technician come out to get the refrigerator back to peak performance. Bill

  3. Hi chuckwheat! Welcome to MySears! Sorry to hear you are having ice build up in your fridge. I am going to send this along to the Appliance Experts so they can offer you a tip or two. If you can also post the model number of your refrigerator, that would be super helpful in order for the Appliance Expert to give you the best answer for this specific issue.

    Check back soon for a reply from an expert!


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