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  1. I am sorry you are having a problem with the icemaker. Without a model number, I can only give you general information. I recommend checking the icemaker on/off switch first. Some models have an on/off switch and others use a metal bail arm like the one Adam O mentioned. If the unit is turned on, check the fingers that eject the ice from the mold. I have seen ice jam the fingers. If the fingers seem to be clear, check the water flow out of the water dispenser if equipped. If you have poor water flow, a plugged filter could cause it or poor supply to the refrigerator. When this happens, the fill tub to the icemaker could freeze and stop making ice. You can verify this by reaching into the mold and feeling for ice. If the mold is empty, try to look into the fill tub. If it has water frozen in it, you can defrost it with warm water and a turkey baster. Once it is clear, soak up the water with a towel and wait for about 6 hours. If you do not have any ice, there is another problem with the icemaker. At this point, I would recommend calling a service technician to come out and service the icemaker. If you need further assistance, I will be happy to help. Just reply below with more details and a model number. Mark

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    Check the metal ice cube sensing bar, located above the ice bin, to the side of the ice cube ejection mechanism.

    A horizontally oriented bar will halt ice cube production.

    A bar in the down position will allow the ice cubes to be continued to be made.

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    I have reached out to our Sears Appliance Experts to see if they can help you with this issue.

    Do you know the make and model number of this appliance? This will be most helpful for our Experts so that they can provide you with accurate information.

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