I’d like to know where my order #418398193 is. Your 1-800 number is giving me the run around and I was emailed a bogus tracking number. When I call, those that I can understand do not seem to know what they are doing, and give me conflicting answers. I took time off of work in anticipation of having and using this item before it snows. I feel really let down by Sears. You’ve lost your way.


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  1. This is the email I received on Tuesday:

    Dear XXXXXXX,

    Thank you for your reply. My name is Brian and I am a colleague of Tony with the Sears Cares team. We have received your email and have forwarded your information over to Sears Cares for attention. A case manager will be in touch with you within 24 hour regarding this issue. Again we would like to apologize for the trouble you have encountered with your online order, and thank you for your patience. We do look forward to talking to you soon.

    Thank you,

    Brian S.

    Guess what? I still have not been contacted by anyone from Sears.

    I'm actually kind of glad this has happened. Now I know what Sears has become, and know not to shop at the store or online with them again.
    With the amount of complaints, and dwindling customer service, I'm looking into shorting Sears stock. So there may be an upside to this.

  2. Vze2hnvz,
    My name is Tony and I am with the MySears escalations team at the executive office. We are truly sorry for all of the troubles that you have experienced with your recent online order. I can certainly understand your frustration with not being able to track your order with the tracking number that was provided to you via email. Furthermore, the aggravation that you must feel with having called in to get assistance with the order and receiving different responses from different representatives is completely understandable. We recognize that you have many choices as to where you shop and we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and work on your behalf to locate your order and get it delivered to you in a timely manner. Please send us an email containing your preferred contact information, including the phone number used at the time of the purchase, to Please include your MySears screen name (Vze2hnvz) so that we may expedite your request, and we look forward to assisting you.
    MySears Community Moderator
    Tony T

  3. Thanks for the reply. I purchased it on's garden section, so I'm assuming it's directly from Sears. I was told yesterday on the phone I would be contacted today by a SearsCare team......another lie. I'm getting fed up. Not only is this wasting my time, but now it's wasting my money for the time I took off work I can't cancel.

  4. Hi vze2hnvz! Thanks for posting today. I am so sorry to hear about your order. Check back on this thread soon for a reply from the SearsCares escalation team. They can follow up with you on this order and will do what they can to help.