If I buiy a lawn tractor at Sears Prices Corner, Delaware, can I just add gas from a jug and drive it away? I live fairly close and considering transport costs, this time of year may be a good time to drive away a floor model. Are floor models properly assembled–bolts tightened, oiled up, etc?


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  1. I used to assemble things in the back room and I loved my job. The tractor should come with oil but a good habit is to always check the oil first. Gas would be my main concern about your drive home.

  2. Crossing at only crosswalks, I've got sidewalks all the way home, 1 & 1/4 mile!

  3. I would check the oil and air pressure in tires.

    Of course the 'kid' in the back room that assembled it hates his job so make sure to go over the whole thing when you get it home.

    I would make the law enforcement happier by possibly temporarily attaching a blinky light on your back or the back of the tractor. When I buy stuff like this, I almost always disassemble and grease areas that should be greased and wax all painted surfaces then reassemble. Anti sieze on hardware you want to get off in teh future.

  4. add gas but you need to check the oil in engine. I believe they come dry.

  5. I've seen it happen but not sure how the local constable will react.

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      Crossing at only crosswalks, I've got sidewalks all the way home, 1 & 1/4 mile!
      Plus, I'm a certified mental case, in a clinic. I think all I have to be is sober!!

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      Better wear a helmet. The floor models have oil and the thing that might not be connected are the battery cables. Good luck and enjoy the 5 mph ride.