If I buy a battery at your store is their a charge for installing it

Sorry, a battery for my S-10 pickup. I can drive over there today.


2 answers

  1. Most chain auto parts stores will install the battery for free, unless it is a difficult installation. The S-10 is a simple installation, so consider the cost of installation when comparing prices.

    Sears will tell you that they so a charging system check, but most places do that for free also, it takes a few minutes at most to read the system voltage.

  2. Hi cmatha! Thanks for your question today. There is a nominal charge for battery installation that varies by car and location-it is always very reasonable and most likely less than $20. You will want to give a call to your local Sears Auto to find out the exact price.

    Here is the number for Sears Auto in Kennesaw, GA: (770) 429-4195