If I were to bring in parts for my car that I bought elsewhere to your automotive, would they be able to put them in for only the installment price?

I went in for an estimate on my car and found the parts at a auto part supplier for cheaper then you were offering. Would your mechanics be able to install them at a discount?


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  1. Most repair shops make a profit on the parts that they sell. As part of that profit, they also warranty the labor to replace the part, if the part was to fail or be defective. Some shops will install a customer supplied part, but if there is a problem with the new part, the customer is charged to replace it a second time

    For example, if you bring me an alternator and ask me to install it, I will give you a price for the labor. If when it is installed (correctly), it does not work I still am going to charge you the price quoted. If you want me to change the defective alternator with a second one, I am going to charge you the same price again.

    If you buy the alternator from me, it may cost you a bit more than if you get it from a discount house. If I replace your alternator with one I am selling you, and that alternator is bad, I am going to remove it, call my supplier and get a second replacement. I am not going to charge you any more in labor.

    In the case of customer supplied parts, I am charging you to install the part you bring me. In the case of shop supplied parts, I an charging you to fix the problem with your car. There is a difference

    Sears has some serious markup on parts. You may want to shop around and compare the total cost of repair at different shops.

  2. Hi miyako.okami,

    Thank you for posting your question in the MySears Community!

    Your best option is to call your nearest Sears Auto Center to see if they would be able to service your car using these parts.

    Keep us posted on the outcome.

    Thank you!