If we will need to install a gas line to new gas dryer, do we hire a separate person first or can the Sears installation include it??


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  1. Are you switching from electric to gas, or is this a home that hasn't had a dryer before?

  2. If you need a new gas line installed, the best thing to do is to contract with a qualified gas contractor or plumbing and heating company to do the job. Most will be more than willing to also hook up the gas line to the dryer at the same time, usually without even charging extra.

    Do not pay Sears for installation when it will be cheaper to have the gas contractor do it.

  3. Hello abjmash, I would like to answer your question. If there is an existing gas line there, they will hook up to it for you. If the gas line needs to be added, you will have to contact someone to install the line. If you need the line installed, contact your gas service for a recommendation on who to contact for the installation.

  4. Hi abjmash! Thanks for posting your question today! Let me double check on this answer for you with one of the Appliance Experts. Check back soon for a response.