Im so confused I need to order this cargo luggage carrier. On the website its not available I call and chat and still have no answer…. REALLY? Please wait for a Sears Customer Service Representative to respond. This chat may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes. Thank you for holding. Hi, my name is Jamie W, and it is my pleasure to assist you today.Jamie W: Good Afternoon! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kristin! How may I assist you today?kristin : Im looking for a cargo carrier I called this morning and a gentlemen said you were out of stock. Im trying to find out if your going to get more stock and if so when? Jamie W: That’s a great question! I do apologize, we don’t have access to future stock information. Jamie W: I am very sorry about this, I can certainly understand how inconvenient this can be.kristin : The item I am looking for is a 02807271000kristin : So you cant tell me if ordering is an option or not? kristin : If your not going to carry it are you going to take if off the website?Jamie W: I apologize, you stated someone already advised you it was currently out of stock. I’d be happy to check on this for you. May I have your zip code?kristin : 77429kristin : Even if I don’t have it locally Id like to purchase online and have it shipped. Jamie W: Yes, this item is currently unavailable in your area. It will remain on the website, is may be possible it is available in other states.Jamie W: Unfortunately, it’s not available for shipping at this time.Jamie W: I am very sorry about this, I can certainly understand how inconvenient this can be.kristin : Would the local branch know if they are going to get more? kristin : How do I find out if I can ever get this?Jamie W: You would have to check back at another time to see if the item is available. Thank you for chatting with us.


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    I've seen some Sears items with a check box that offers to send you an eMail when the item is back in stock for purchase and shipment.

  1. Hi, kw0220. Welcome to the MyKmart Community! From reading your chat history, it sounds like the carrier is out of stock online and in-store in your area. Are you interested in finding the luggage at a different location? Did you have additional questions?

    Please let us know how we can help you further!

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