IMO, Sears does not resolve problems of inferior merchandise or poor customer service. This is not the way Sears operated 20-30 years ago. This should eventually affect the bottom line. Maybe, it does not matter. Like many companies, Sears could restructure and start off again anew.


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    Well. I've already been doing some purchasing of Craftsman tools, including a Nextec mouse sander, with no battery or charger, that works well with the Nextec rotary tool that came WITH a battery and charger.

    The sander was $29.99 and the rotary tool's retail price was $99.99.

    I think most reasonable people could make an inference as to which package comes with the battery and charger and which one was an "accessory tool" to a larger Nextec tool package.

    The Nextec tools come with a one-year Manufacturer's Defect warranty, that I extended to a no-fault plan, that included covering the battery and charger, lasting 3 years for a Craftsman portable power tool.

    The Craftsman Tri-Grip blocks have come into my local store, carrying a one-year warrant, just like my Craftsman vise has. I've had the vise for over 4 decades and it hasn't broken yet.

    And, some how... the NiCad batteries in my various Craftsman C3 tools have lasted for over 4 years. I don't know how. But, I'm not complaining...

    My Craftsman ratchets are holding out REAL well. But, I own Break-Loose-Bars, which may be a factor in my ratchets' longevity.

    I haven't had a chance to purchase any of the new Craftsman MUSA (Made in the US of A) Lawn & Garden shovels and other stick tools.

    But, eventually, I'm going to have to start using more fiberglass handled tools in addition with my Ash and Hickory handled more vintage Garden tools.

    I've slowly increased my mowing capacity from reel, to electric, to gas-powered walk-behind and have had a Craftsman Yard Tractor for the last 6 or 7 years, with only one service visit - completed within 15 minutes (no parts needed).

    Maybe, I just "lucky"?

  1. Hi dgentil2! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for sharing your feedback today! A big reason this site was created is to hear what our customers have to say about Sears and do what we can to improve. Please let us know if you have a specific concern you need addressed-we are here to help!

  2. I believe the 'bottom line' has already been influenced. Same store sales continue to decline and several of us have reduced our patronage of Sears, in my case almost completely, and in the case of some other posters', entirely, because of the way we have been treated.
    Perhaps upper management do not care, they do not appear to.

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      This will be the third Christmas in a row that I will not be making purchases of Craftsman tools as gifts. After a sting of at least 27 years where I had done so, Sears lost my loyalty and my business.

      I would love to see them return to the customer service and satisfaction model that made Sears great, but I fear they are going the way of Montgomery Ward, Circuit City and others that lost focus and thought that they could treat the customer poorly.

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      You are exactly right!