In-ground trampoline – have you heard of this?

What a smart idea! Instead of having a raised trampoline in your lawn, a new trend I recently saw is installing an in-ground trampoline. Homeowners are digging into the earth to install in-ground trampolines making play a bit more safe! I love this idea, makes great sense to me!

Anyone out there have an in-ground trampoline? Would you feel more safe with an in-ground and consider buying one if it was installed in-ground? Would love to hear thoughts on this idea!


1 answer

  1. That is really cool! I have never heard of it!

    I would love to see one that is already set up!

    My thought is that it would be more safe than above ground for you are bouncing onto the lawn instead of flying through the air and landing. I would get one in a heartbeat! I would also feel more safer with my kids or grand-daughter with an in-ground. ;-)

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