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  1. Thanks to everyone, our water heater was fixed this morning after 10 long suffering days without hot water. I appreciate SEARS customer services who monitors this forum and promptly contacts me offering assistance. I find this indepentdent arena is helpful for customers, and shows SEARS does listen to truthful and reasonable customers' grievances.

  2. vicanam1221, we are sorry for the troubles you have encountered with your water heater. We’d love to help. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (vicanam1221), phone # used at time of purchase to – Thanks, Liz

  3. We have a SEARS 5-year Master Service Argreement for a 2-year old Kenmore Water Heater.
    The unit failed to produce hot water last weekend, and we made a request for services on Mon 01/14/13. The technician came ordered the part about $149, and worked on the unit on Thu 01/17/13. The unit still did not work, so the techinician orders more parts, this time approximately $678 and give us an appointment for next Wed 01/23/13, if the parts come. The labour cost for the 2 repairs that I saw in the receipt is about $300. With parts and labor, this already costs SEAR nearly $1000, more than the price of the unit we bought less than 3 years ago.

    We have not had hot water for nearly a week, and still waiting for the next repair appointment on Wed 01/23/13 with no assurance that the unit will work again; or more parts, repairs are needed.
    We were sold a bad unit, and during the winter in the northeast, just had a snow storm here on Tuesday 01/15/13, and more are forcasted with no hot water,

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      Gosh, I am so sorry to hear this!

      You are more than welcomed to post your frustration here, for we are here to try and help in any way possible.

      I am not sure if we can help for you already have parts ordered and a service date, but I have asked the SearsCares team to step in to see if they can do anything for you.

      My fingers are crossed for the weather to stay mild as well as your water heater working once serviced. ;)

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      We thought that it makes more sense for SEARS to replace the whole unit, instead of keep ripping parts and repairing so that it costs less for SEARS, and we may have hot water back soonner. Besides, we have lost confidence in the unit itself. It is only less than 3-years old and already parts are falling.

  4. Hi vicanam1221,

    Its great to have you in the MySears Community!

    Yikes! I could not even imagine! Is this a weather issue?

    Thank you for posting!

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      My appology if this is not a right forum. Just feel frustrated; helpless.