Incomprehensibly bad service from Sears

I can’t even comprehend how horrendous your service is. We will never purchase a product from you again. We had a dishwasher install 6 months ago that you put in the wrong install date we verbally agreed upon and we thought – “oh, must be an anomaly” …. Not even a “we are sorry”
Now we are having our washing machine repaired this week and YOU DID IT AGAIN. I am going to every single social site to berate your service. You guys are TERRIBLE.


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  1. Hi Stacy,

    A member from our Sears Cares team, Liz, has reached out to you on your first post. We have also sent an email from our Moderator system in providing a direct link to their response for further contact.

    Please click here to view response as well as making contact with our Sears Cares team.

    Thank you for reaching out and letting us know of this issue!