Inside lights in my Kenmore Elite Trio (2006) will not go off. Is this something I can fix myself?


3 answers

  1. There is a known problem with the lights on some models. Depending on the complete model and serial number, if it's on the list, this problem would be repaired under warranty. However, a technician will be required to make the repair. You can call 1-800-469-4663 to schedule a tech to come out. If you would like more assistance, the complete model and serial number will be needed.

  2. Hi Maugey! Inquisitive is correct in asking the model number of your fridge. That can help the Appliance Experts pinpoint this issue for you. Check back on this thread in a bit for a reply-they should be able to come up an answer on what could be wrong with your fridge and the best course of action for repair. Thanks!

  3. Please, what is the full model and serial number of your refrigerator? The full model number will start with three digits followed by a period, eg 795.