Invalid promo codes and exceeded number of tries allowed.

I have had a ongoing issue with accepting any of the promo code I am provided via email. I am now receiving a error stating “You have exceeded the number of tries allowed to add a promo code. Please call 1-800-697-3277 for further assistance.” Problem is no one at the number knows how to address this issue. This issue has been occurring for around a month now with no resolution for almost a month. Initial contact on this issue 5/9. Suggesting I call to place orders or go to a store is not my idea of resolving a issue with my profile.

Looking forward to working with someone to resolve this issue.


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  1. Thanks, for sharing no luck with this and tried it on multiple machines. Definitely something on their systems end. Hoping to hear something soon...

  2. This is a common problem. The Sears customer service reps have no knowledge how to fix the issue, and will tell you to wait 24hrs and try again. Why give the phone # in the error message? I don't know.

    I suggest you delete your web browser cookies, or switch to a different browser. I keep both Microsoft IE and Google Chrome installed because of such problems like this.

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    So. If I understand your post correctly, the "process" of obtaining merchandise on sale is not subject to work-arounds that may actually allow you to timely procure your merchandise on sale.

    Hopefully, the promo codes issues will get worked out between the organization that mailed them out and the organization that needs to be able to have the computers "recognize" the codes.

    The Good News is that you're not waiting on an IBM programming fix.

    Would you believe over one year? True story.

  3. Hi KORA! Welcome to MySears. Thank you so much for bringing this issue to our attention. We will be sure to look into this further. In the meantime, if you would like to speak to a SearsCares team, they can help you personally place an order and ensure you receive the proper discounts.

    Check back soon for a reply from a team member.

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      Hi SHC-JulieK, hoping to hear any update from your team.

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      Hi KROA! I sent an email to your registered email address. I would like to investigate this for you, but need a little more information. Once you respond, I will get digging.

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      I have the same issue and cannot seem to find a solution after calling customer service "You have exceeded the number of tries allowed to add a promo code. Please call 1-800-697-3277 for further assistance."

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      Hi gsudhakira,

      What promo code are you trying to use? Where is the promo code located? Was it received by email?

      If you can provide additional information I would be happy to look into this further for you!