I have had a Master Service Agreement for 15 years.
15 YEARS!!!
My hot water heater went out on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving DAY (Nov 27th).
So when I called to request a service technician come out, I had no illusions that they would come out that day, or even the next as that was Thanksgiving.
When I finally get routed to the right person on Wednesday night to request an appointment for my water heater, I was told that I would have to call on Friday as no one was open at the ‘water heater appointment center’ on Thanksgiving day.
BUT, they could give me an appointment for Dec 10th for someone to come out and fix it.
DECEMBER 10th!!!
Okay so I have a Master Service Agreement and they are essentially telling me that I have to wait TWO WEEKS to have hot water.
I asked the technician if that seemed right.
He said ‘No ma’am, but that is the best we can do.’
So I call the escalation team on Friday.
They say ‘Oh yes, this case qualifies for escalation and someone will get back to you within 90 minutes.’
No call.
I call back and tell my story for the third or fourth time.
I was put on hold for 35 minutes!!!
And then hung up on.
I call back AGAIN…again put on hold and after 25 minutes I was hung up on.
I call back again and told someone would call me within 60 minutes.
No call.

I called again on Saturday.
Put on hold for 40 minutes and 20 minutes respectively.
No one EVER got to me.

Do you really think I am going to go TWO WEEKS without hot water?
And then escalation center…? WHAT escalation center?
I finally called a plumber.
He came and fixed it in 2 1/2 hours and I have a bill for $350.

I am now going to write to the CEO of Sears, I have written to the BBB, and I am going to replace all of my appliances one by one away from Sears.
I am a manager for a customer service center for Cisco. A HUGE company.
If my performance was at this level I would be fired on the spot.

I want my money back for my Master Service agreement.
I am going to actively campaign to guide people away from Sears.

I am thoroughly disgusted with your service.


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  1. I'd look into those Nordyne tankless units ...

  2. Three hundred and fifty dollars for a repair on a water heater is considered more fair than waiting two weeks. I'd steer you towards considering a rebate program through clean energy subsidies bye energy star appliances. In the South Jersey area people were getting brand new equipment for wholesale cost after monies changed hand. Water heater couple with a 92% AFUE gave you $900.00 and that's not even considering the $150.00 dollar savings in KWh for a new refrigerator. All in all, for three hundred and fifty smacks this so called plumber might of been able to get you back into hot water but if the scheduling department recognizes their failure it's possible a bigger savings is headed your way.

  3. Dear MbbMimi,

    My name is Brian and I am part of the Sears Cares team. We aim to provide the very best in products and customer service to all our members, but from your post it is clear that we still have some work to do. We are sorry to hear of the failure of your water heater, and apologize that you were quoted December 10th, as the first available repair date. We agree that two weeks without hot water is unacceptable, and we’d like to help make this right by you. At your earliest convenience please send the following information – contact #, screen name (MbbMimi), phone # used at time of purchase to We do look forward to speaking with you soon!

    Thank you,
    Brian S.
    MySears Community Moderator

  4. Hi there, MbbMimi! Welcome to MySears! I am sorry to hear we were unable to get your water heater repaired for you. I am going to send along your post to SearsCares, who will be happy to discuss your experience with you and do what they can to win you back as a customer.

    A team member will be by shortly with a response. Once they post, I will notify you via email with a link directing you back to this thread.


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