is it customary for sears delivery drivers to dump their trucks refuse of their day into private dumpsters at apartment communities?

i am a supervisor at an apartment complex in tampa florida and have been getting the run around by sears as to why multiple appliance boxes are in my dumpster, 4 or 5 washing machine boxes and the packing material, dryer boxes, refrigerator boxes and all of the packing materials that came with them. i figured some driver delivered a set product, probably a washer and dryer, to a resident here and then took it upon himself to dump his garbage in my dumpster. this is illegal dumping and we are now calling the local authorities to file a complaint against sears for illegal dumping. this is a serious offense and the fines are hefty. i’ve left my cell number, property address, my email and made numerous calls throughout the sears registry and got no where. i know for a fact that sears can track the info i need by the serial numbers and such from the boxes. it’s their product, but, sears doesn’t want to own up to it or give the info needed to prosecute. sears is not a reputable company anymore. it is not customer friendly nor environmentally astute. it seems to condone this kind of illegal activity, even in their own name. do CEOs of this company even look at these messages themselves or push the buck off on someone else that doesn’t give a ****?


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  1. Hi guitarandy! Thanks for posting this experience today on the MySears Community I am sorry to hear about this-I am sure those boxes are taking up much needed dumpster space in that complex. I have reached out to you via email requesting more information.

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