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  1. Sioux69, usually chest freezers are very dependable. Now, if the unit is in an area where the ambient temperature can get hot, the unit will run more than normal and if there is not sufficient ventilation, the compressor can overheat and quit running. I hope this will help you.

      • San Jose, CA

    Is there one particular problem happening over and over, year after year?

    Or, have you been visited with a host of "different" machine difficulties?

    Will you please post the long model number of your machine to facilitate remote problem diagnosis and the historical history of service calls for this model machine that can be done by a Service Technician.

  2. Hi sioux69! I know we have a SearsCares team member assigned to your case. Look to hear from someone very soon to discuss your options with you.

    Keep us posted on the progress through your original thread!

    Thanks so much!

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