Is it recommended to put on a sealant or some sort of water repellent for a brand new tent?

I have always camped in dry weather living in California, but now living in Oregon, the weather is unpredictable.

Recently I just bought a brand new tent and was wondering if I should put a sealant or some sort of water repellent on it before camping?

It says it is water proof, but I would prefer to play if safe!

Any thoughts or recommendations to use? Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. Living in an area that has a lot of unpredictable weather, I recommend getting a tarp to put under the tent. It keeps the moisture from the ground out. Also invest in some camp cots. Sleeping off the ground will keep you dry

    1. In response to filmdork

      Thank you!

      I do have an extra tarp to place under the tent, learned that the hard way in a past camping trip.

      We have always used a big blow up mattress, but I do think I will look into the cots this year too.

      Appreciate the tips! ;-)

      • San Jose, CA

    The people that practice additional sealing of their tents generally go for stitched areas of the tents.

    Although the material is generally water resistant, any additional seam weather proofing is a good idea.

    Hopefully, in wet weather, your tent has an attached bottom to it.

    My old pup tent would not do well on damp Oregon ground.

    There is good news, too.

    You're not camping in Washington state, the place of "liquid sunshine".

    1. Thank you AdamO!

      Nope not camping anywhere near WA. We just moved closer to the coast, so now it is time to explore our camping surroundings. ;-)