Is my freezer about to die?

This morning the temp alarm was going off and the compressor was not running on my kenmore model 253.26052100 freezer. The temp control had an “E” on the display. When I set the temp colder the “E” changed to the temp level selected, but the compressor didn’t start.I checked to make sure the air vents were not blocked by food. I unplugged the freezer for 30 seconds. When I plugged it back in the compressor started and the freezer has been working normally for the last several hours. Is this a normal glitch or should I be expecting something to fail soon?


2 answers

  1. I know it's frustrating when the freezer stops working. This error code indicates there was an operational error. This can be difficult to determine the cause until or unless it occurs again. A technician will usually be needed to make the necessary checks. However, by disconnecting the power and reconnecting it, this reset and control and it may have corrected the problem. Keep a close watch on it now for a couple of days and if the problem occurs again, you can call 1-800-469-4663 to schedule a tech to come out.

  2. Welcome, mcauto! Thanks so much for your question about your freezer. So glad you decided to post your inquiry on our site. I am sure one of the Appliance Experts will be able to let you know what the "E" code indicates. Check back soon for a reply.