• San Jose, CA

Is the new round of Craftsman T-shirts, in a tin almost ready to be introduced back into the stores?

I really LIKE my; Universal Wrench, Real Men don’t need instructions, There is no such THING as too many tools, and the Living to Work – Working to Live Craftsman T-shirts.

But, they’re showing signs of wear…

But, I have the matching artwork tins the T-shirts came in, for years to come.


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  1. Hi AdamO,

    In searching further into this item, definite answers were not provided so please keep your fingers crossed on this one too for availability later in the year.

    Thank you for posting and I hope this helps in answering your inquiry a little bit!

    Thank you!

      • San Jose, CA

    Those were some GREAT T-shirts.

    A lot of people agreed with the different T-shirt sentiments.

    The "No such thing as too many tools" T-shirt was especially popular.

    If the first run art work gets reprinted, along with the new artwork T-shirts, I'll be purchasing both old and new design shirts.

    And, there would be the "gifting", too.

  2. Hi AdamO,

    We will see if we can locate some information for you! Check back periodically!

    Thank you!