Is there an oil drain extension available for the Sears 30″ model 25000 tractor? What a mess I made trying to attach the included oil chute that came with the mower. HELP


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  1. derjimmer. Your riding lawn mower should have come with the drain trough that may have been in the use and care manual package. You can position it in the drain port. Pre-loosen the drain plug as illustrated on page 22 figure 20 in your owner's manual and then position the tube under the drain pipe and then finish loosening the drain plug to drain. This manufacturer does not offer a twist lock drain tube for their tractors. If as you describe in your question that it did no work very well for you, there are some drain tubes you could purchase to thread in the hole of the drain pipe and it will extend out past the frame and have a push pull twist release for draining the oil. I am not 100% sure that this tube will fit the threads and size of your drain cap on this mowers engine. I will give you the part numbers for the drain tube if you would like to try it. The drain tube is part number 428287 and the clear drain tube is part number 148456.
    You can purchase them on Sears Parts direct site.
    I the mean time I will try to do some research to see if there is an after market drain tube that will for sure fit this engine drain plug hole.

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      Thanks for your help. I will wait for your answer before I do anything.

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    Good news. If your machine uses that short length of clear plastic tubing to fit over the drain plug valve, replacement tubing or a longer length of tubing is a standard hardware store item!

    Found out on my 46 inch deck tractor.

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