Is there anyone at Sears who can resolve a customer issue?

Two weeks ago I purchased a mattress at the Cherry Creek store in Denver, CO. The transaction went very well and delivery was setup to my condo in Keystone, CO for Oct 26.

On the night before the scheduled delivery, I received a confirmation for the delivery which would arrive between 1-3 on Saturday the 26th. At that point, everything seemed that it going according to plan.

On the 26th, I drove up to my condo (100 miles from my home) to take care of some things and receive the new mattress. At 2:30, no one had arrived so i logged my first call to the delivery center to get a status. I was told that they were running late and would be contacting me soon. At 3:30, I called again. This time i was told the mattress was on the truck and would be the next stop. i also asked that the delivery team call me and a “message” was sent to them. At 4:15, I called for a 3rd time and asked for another status. I was told once more they were running late. At 5:00 I started to get really irritated since I had plans for the evening in Denver and now was having to cancel them. This call didn’t result in much new as I had now figured out that the people taking these calls in Mexico or Philippines or whereever didn’t really know what was going on.

At 5:30, my wife and I both started calling from separate phones – she to the store in Denver, me to the delivery center. This time I was forwarded to the Sears store in Silverthorne, CO. Someone there told me that any mattress being delivered to me in Keystone would come through their store but that they had no record of anything arriving for me. He told me it must have been a problem with an online order. When I told him I didn’t order it online, he told me that it must have been because I bought it in Denver rather than Silverthorne. I started to become quite angry since i had received confirmations, phone calls, and receipts all saying it was going to be delivered on Saturday and no one had told me it wasn’t even delivered to the store.

At 5:45 I received a call from the manager in Silverthorne (Chad) who told me that he had located my mattress in the receiving area but it had been overlooked when the truck was loaded. He offered to drive it to me on top of his car but that I would have to help him carry it up to my condo. I didn’t find that very comforting since I wondered what would happen if it fell off his car and also had paid an extra $50 for delivery and setup and didn’t really want to have to do it myself. He said he would try to find another option and call me back within 30 minutes.

After a few more calls to the customer service center where they transferred me back to the foreign delivery call center, I finally gave up at 6:45. The Silverthorne manager never called me back even to say “I can’t help you”.

I left a message on the Silverthorne store voice mail to call me as soon as someone got the message. No one did.

On Monday, I started making phone calls again to customer service, to the Denver store, trying to find anyone who could help me figure out where my mattress was, when it would be delivered, and who could refund the $50 delivery fee plus the cost of driving 200 miles to NOT receive a mattress on the day it was confirmed. I was told only the Denver store could do that, but amazingly no one could transfer me to someone in the actual store. Once I was disconnected during the transfer, another time I was given the voice mail number for the HR department.

I finally drove over to the store in Cherry Creek and found the sales guy who had sold me the mattress. I told him the story, he apologized but told me he was just a “button pusher” and couldn’t really do anything to help me. He called the manager who showed up (and he left as fast as he could). I told her the story and said I wanted my installation fee refunded. She then told me that she wasn’t the manager and that I would have to come back tomorrow when the real manager was in the store! Amazing – you can’t even make up something this screwed up!

So, now I have my delivery scheduled for tomorrow. I have no idea if it will arrive as scheduled. I’m still waiting to find someone at Sears who believes they have the ability to actually resolve an issue and make a horrible customer experience “right”. Everyone is either clueless about what’s going on or not “empowered” to help the customer.

So- anyone here who is empowered to help the customer?


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  1. Dear jtrichard,

    My name is Susan with Sears Cares Escalations team. We would like to thank you for posting and allowing us to offer our assistance with your mattress issue. This is certainly not the type of service that Sears has long been known for or the type of service that we want our customer's to receive. We'd like to speak with you and discuss the options available to help make this situation right for you and your wife. We value your business very much and can offer the assistance of a dedicated Case Manager who can work with you from start to finish assuring your delivery happens without a hitch. In addition, they can assist you with reimbursement for your inconvenience with having to drive 200 miles and not receive your mattress. Please send an email with your contact information (preferably a phone number) to Please include your screen name (jtrichard) for reference to your issue and we look forward to speaking with you soon.


    Susan R.
    MySears Community Moderator

  2. Welcome, jtrichard! I am so sorry to hear you have had such trouble getting your mattress delivered. Please keep us posted on tomorrow's delivery. I also want to get you in touch with the SearsCares team, who will follow up on this order and do what they can with that delivery charge, as well.

    A team member will be by soon with a reply looking to help. They will request that you send them an email so you can directly be connected. Once their response is posted, I will notify you via email with a link back to this thread so you can view their response.