• San Jose, CA

Is there going to be a Craftsman round popcorn tin offered in the stores, this holiday season?

I have the Craftsman snack mix one gallon container from last holiday season, and the Craftsman Ice Bucket, with glasses and coasters. One of the separately sold Craftsman coasters is part of a new Craftsman Texas-sized belt buckle, now.

I also have two John Deere popcorn tins, acquired from Kmart, a few years ago.


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      • San Jose, CA

    Don't get me wrong. I like holiday artwork, snow men, puppies and other traditional stuff.

    But, a Craftsman themed popcorn tin would be extra special, during the holidays.

    I'll cross my fingers for "this year" tins to make it out to the stores.

  1. Hi AdamO,

    These tins are great! I love giving them out as gifts for they are something that a whole household can enjoy!

    In researching this question, these items are not really known for the holiday seasons are to far off for them to provide an answer. We will have to check back at a later time.

    We appreciate you sharing your interest on these products!

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