Is this a set?


3 answers

  1. How odd, maybe different browsers have something to do with it. When I go to it asks for a zip code, I used 98101, Seattle. Unless I'm signed in and then it says welcome ServiceLocally or something or another and already has my zip code. That already being signed in at must be something new with this blog site.

  2. To ServiceLocally - I did not put in anything regarding my location, I just 'cut and pasted' your link and came up with 3 'bundles', all of which are 'Out Of Stock'. I just tried it again before I started typing (mis-typing in my case) this, and obtained the same result.

  3. Wow, they admitted they are out of stock in your area! Surprise, surprise! They are in stock and ready for delivery in my area. For the price of $3411.99 plus tax, I can have a king size mattress and ONE twin size box spring delivered. Yep, the Sears BUNDLE is back!