it is an electrolux 4 gas burner it has everthing on the top computer where you just push the little signs oven light bake broil conv bake i cant tell you any moreww as all it says uis electrolux since i cannot get into the oven or open the door I believe that is where yoiu find the serial no it is a slide in it fits into my counter their is no top back to it like most have on them we bought it specially to fit our counter


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  1. Try disconnecting the electricity to the oven and then restoring it. Try setting the oven into clean and starting it. Wait 30 seconds and cancel clean. Sometimes one of these methods work.

    If none of the above unlock the oven you will need to disconnect the power to the product and remove the rear panel. You will see the lock motor with a rod going up to the door latch mechanism. Remove the screws holding the lock motor to the assembly and lift it off. Rotate the cam on the lock assembly and it will unlatch the door. Thank you for visiting mySearscommunity

  2. Hi jype,

    Thank you for the additional information. I have reached out to our Sears Appliance Experts to see if they can help with some trouble shooting steps for you to try.

    Once a response is provided I will be reaching out via email.

    Thank you!

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