It is pretty sad when I can even get a response from this website either! I have been trying to ask if there is another way to contact anyone from the picture place. I have tried the CPI #, the 866#, the local # and NO ONE is there to take the call. I have been on hold the entire time, which was over an hour twice. I wish the voice on the machine would have just said no one is here instead of average wait time is 5 mins…Can someone please help me!! I have also sent MANY emails, but again, no one is around. I just want to make sure pictures are still coming because we are now on 10 days late!


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      • San Jose, CA

    They're coming! Just like this year's Craftsman paper tool catalogs are coming. We're about to head into May. But, I'm confident your pictures will come in WAY sooner than this year's paper catalogs.

    Everyone cross your fingers!

  1. HI badkit17! We are all so sorry you have not received your pictures. The best course of action is to keep in touch with the store manager where you took your photos for any information about your order.