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  1. Once again a company forgets what made them successful, and decides to "improve" things that the customers liked by making those things into something disliked by their loyal customers.

    It is easy to chase a customer away, even if they have been loyal to the business for years. It is harder to get that customer to return, even more so than drawing in a new customer, because you are starting with the negative view that the loyal customer now has.

    You see this with JCP, you see this with Sears. It is a shame that poor management, and the lack of focus on the customer is killing long time retail icons

  2. My favorite line - "we are working towards reconnecting with our core customer while attracting new customers to jcpenney."

    They spent a billion dollars to slap the face of their demographic and shove them out the door. Only now to have to spend 5 billion to get the "core" customers back. Don't these guys learn from each others mistakes?