Has anyone been over to the JCPenney facebook page? I guess firing and forcing retirement on thousands of people wasn’t a very good idea after all.

Humm, closing distribution warehouses another not so bright idea!! In the age of online ordering, warehouses come in pretty handy.

“We now operate with significantly fewer individuals who have assumed additional duties and responsibilities and we could have additional workforce reductions in the future,” J.C. Penney said in the filing. Combined with the company’s newly decentralized management structure, the changes “may negatively impact communication, morale, management cohesiveness and effective decision-making, which could have an adverse impact on our operating efficiency.”

Is this the first hint of — Yes, we are bankrupt?



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  1. My grandma is a retiree of Penny's. She has only been in there a handful of times since they have restructured. She doesn't like it at all. I hope for her sake and the sake of her pension (as little as they are given at this point) they do not go out of business.

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      Filmdork, I hope that if JCPenney does go under that they do the right thing and protect the pension.

  2. It looks like JCP has hired extra public relations to post positive things today. How funny, instead of keeping actual employees to make the company successful. They are spending money on spokesperson and designers and PR campaigners.

    That is NOT going to help the company run smoothly and properly, just more money out the door.

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      It does not appear to be that different to the Sears approach, which seems to be to hire all sorts of customer relations people (script readers) to send complainers' in a loop.

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      They are trying to radically change the company. Moving away from the "discounter" quantity over quality attachment, and attempting to cater to a higher-quality type of clientele.

      They are doing what they are doing because of the immense amount they are throwing into remodeling the entire company. An option Sears has neglected.

      Some of their ideas are unique such as replacing registers with coffee and juice bars.

      It would be interesting if this massive investment works and turns the company around..

      As Lampert has always been of the mind that investing in stores does not equate to higher sales.

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      Great merchandise sells itself, as does great service, JCP has neither.
      At our store they are filling up empty spaces with big round tables and couches, every square foot of that is a money loser.
      Right now JCP is using the whole One Million Moms against Ellen to stir up publicity. This is WA, we find that whole ploy laughable. As I would suspect most of the country does, it just shows how desperate JCP is.

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      It would seem that there are two organisations with similar names and that the 'anti Ellen' one has backfired.

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      Changing the subject. Have you noticed that on some threads you cannot post a comment or vote?

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      To inquisitivemind, no I haven't had any trouble with voting or posting, but that might be just because I haven't tried that often. I don't post much anymore, I'll have to remember to check back more.

      Too funny on that link on the backfire, those poor people at the other end were probably dumbfounded at first. But, what is even funnier is the people posting couldn't tell the difference between the two sites!

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      ServiceLocally - By a process of deduction I believe I am shut out of some threads where my posts have been deleted both from posting comments and voting.
      Did you know that 1,000,000 moms against Ellen D is an offshoot of the AFA. Who I believe have not yet found this site or I am sure they would have been highly vocal about the following site:
      I made a post here about that yesterday that promptly disappeared but today the site is still up and running today. Real efficiency!!

  3. I did not see the 'Facebook' page or the link you referenced above but I did see this one:

    Same story!