Just bought a Kenmore Elite gas range model 2278303. When Sears came to install the delivery person immediately told me the range would not be flush with the wall – that it would stick out several inches. He was right – it sticks out 3.5 inches without accounting for the door and handle

Does anyone know if the lower back panel can be removed without affecting safety, allowing the back of stove to clear the gas line?


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  1. Hello GOPawty. I see that AdamO provided some advice regarding this issue. I agree with what he said. You are probably in a situation where the location of that gas supply will need to be relocated to allow the range to be moved back further into the cabinet. I agree with the recommendation that you have a plumber or a professional contractor examine that connection and move it if possible. This may help you move that range back into the cabinet.

  2. Hi there, GOPawty! I am going to reach out to an Appliance Expert that helps on the site. He can let you know if that will work for you. Check back in a bit for a reply.

      • San Jose, CA

    Sounds like you're going to need the gas outlet rerouted by a Plumber/ Gas Worker, like we'll have to do for OUR gas stove, someday.

    Apparently, the location of gas line outlets has "changed" for ranges over the years.

    This would NOT be a good DIY project to do yourself.

    Good luck on the eventual moving of your gas outlet.

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