Just setup my new Craftsman 12 amp 12-1/2” Bench Planer (21758). Ran my first board through and the surface is wavy, not smooth. made multiple passes. The wood was a pine 3″ by 3″ board apprx 30 ” long. Adjustments needed? this is the best it will do?


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    It sounds like the blades might be out of adjustment with one another and that the edges may need to be honed to a sharper edge than they came from the factory.

  1. I use a 15 amp planer and If the wood is flat when not in the planer and the feed direction is with the grain and it is not tearing out, yes there could be a adjustment that is being missed. There are a number of videos on youtube about planning wood and the set up of the cutters and this way may give you more of a idea of the problem, if it is adjustment or the planning head. I use a Sears 15 amp planer. Bill

  2. Hi Campfire,here are some tips to help with the planing of wood and will help keep waves and ridges out of the picture.
    When you're planing the wide surface of the board, inspect the grain on the narrow edge. When you're planing the edges, inspect the wide face. On rough lumber, you can feel the fibers by running your hand over the board. It will be smooth in one direction and rough in the other. Feed the smooth direction forward. With some boards, you might get tearout in both directions. Then the best approach is to take a very small amount of wood off with each pass; 1/32 in. is about right. Bill

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      Hi Bill, I found that the blades were not the same height. Cured some of the vibrations. Also, if I plane on the side instead of the middle of planer it's smoother. Is possible for the cutter housing be "out of round" Not sure it's cutting as smooth as it should. Considering returning. What planner do you use?

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      Is the wood flat

  3. Hi Campfire! Welcome to MySears! Congrats on your new bench planer! I am sure you will get lots of use of that awesome tool. I am sure our Tool Experts can offer a few tips on how to get that planer working correctly.

    Check back right here in a bit for their suggestions.

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