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  1. A complete model number would be helpful but there is a coupld of things to check. Try pushing in on the door and see if the leak quits. The problem is usually cause by the rubber bellows/boot. Hanging clothes from the door can be a prolbem. Hanging clothes from the door can cause the door and front panel to shift. Excessive suds can also cause a door leak. Be sure you're using HE detergent. Replacing the rubber bellows/boot can be a do-it-yourself project of medium difficulty if you feel comfortable with your do-it-yourself abilities.

  2. The obvious query would be, is there any sign of damage to the rubber bellows/boot?
    Could you please provide a full model number, it will start with three digits followed by a period or dash, (eg 110. or 795-), this will allow a more model specific response.

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