Kenmore #75171, stove works oven does not, replaced oven ignitor// Kenmore 362. 75171790 would this be the safety valve, and the next probable step to fixing? The supposedly safety shut off on the regulator valve does not operate as so, no on/off, only spins as to allow fuel regulation. So I need to know if in fact the second set of model numbers are to the fuel safety valve? Yes, will make sure that I have 2.5- 3.0 volts going to the valve.


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  1. I can see you have already checked voltage to the valve and that there is no flame. You replaced the ignitor but don't mention if it glows. If the ignitor is glowing brightly and there is no flame then the valve is the most likely cause of your problem. If the ignitor is not glowing then it may indicate a control or thermostat problem. If the ignitor glows then replacing the valve would be your next step. The safety valve for the 362.75171790 model is WB19K31

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