Kenmore 800 washer – no cold water on rinse cycle

is solenoid valve most likely the problem?


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  1. You could have a problem with the cold water supply. I recommend that you check that basic issue first. Sit off the cold water faucet and remove the cold water fill Jose on the back of the washer. Place the end of the hose in a bucket and briefly open the cold water faucet to check the water pressure and flow Dom the end of the hose. Chhrck the inlet water screen for debrri or deposits. These basic steps should not be overlooked. You may have already checked those issues. I believe that the 800 Series washer has a load sense switch and other components that could be causing this failure. Post the model ├╝ber of the washer if possible and I can probably provide more detailed technical advice.

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      checked cold water line. plenty of pressure. cleaned screen out. has to be sensor?

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      Hello jobber, based on your description of not getting any cold water in any cycle I would suspect the inlet valve to be the issue. On next attempt listen for a buzzing sound when the washer should be coming in, if you hear that it could be the valve, if you don't hear the buzz there could be other contributing factors. Providing a model number off the washer will help us provide a more accurate answer.

      Hope this helps
      Ron H.

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      model no. 110.29812890

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      jobber, thank you for the model number. The information you have received from Ron is very good. Another good way to check this, since apparently the hot water is working, will be to reverse the wires on the water valve. First, be sure to disconnect the power to the washer. Now reverse the harness connections on the valve. Set it for a hot water fill and now reconnect the power and turn the unit on. If the cold water still won't fill, the valve # 285805 will need to be replaced. If it does fill now, the water selection switch # W10168263 will need to be replaced. I hope this will help you.