Kenmore dishwasher fills part way with water and then doesn’t do anything, can manually add water covering the heating coil and restart and it runs for a while until the water drains and refills, water level is low again. What needs to be replaced?


2 answers

  1. My first thought would be the water valve is the problem with the poor fill. From the description you give the circulation motor will run and the dishwasher will drain so I assume the circulation motor and drain pump are okay. Often the inlet screen of the water valve becomes partially clogged with sediment. The screen can be pried out and cleaned but replacing the valve would be you best bet to repair this problem. Replacing a valve can be an excellent do-it-yourself project if you're interested in such projects.

  2. Sounds like the solenoid valve might not be working properly. That, or it could possibly be a control board issue, but my money would be on the solenoid. It controls the drain, so if it's not staying shut when it should, it would result in inadequate filling. Or, if you're especially lucky, it could potentially be both. You'd have to test the valve to see if it's working properly before bothering to replace the board. And, as the valve is much cheaper, it would be the cheaper repair. How old is the dishwasher, by the way?