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    What is the long model number on your mixer's data plate?

    That number will help download an Owner's manual and to look up parts availability, along with providing a clue to the manufacturer who actually makes the machine.

  1. We don't have a Kenmore but ours does that if we don't have the lock slid all the way over. Does the Kenmore have a lock?

    1. In response to ServiceLocally

      yes. Even the store model one has a bit of a jiggle.

  2. Hi daksky! Welcome to MySears! Are you looking to get your mixer repaired? You can take it to the Sears nearest you which has a service center. If you let us know your location, I can look that up for you, if you would like.

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      I just bought it over the holidays. This is the second one. The first did the same thing, but the manual had a phone number. Was told this was not normal and to take it back. The second one's head still bounces up and down with only 3 cups flour for dough. Except this manual doesn't have a phone number and no one can tell me if the head moving is normal. The load is minimal. Do they have problems with this? I am hesitant to try a third. Thanks

    2. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Hmmm...daksky! Have you used a different brand of stand mixer and not experienced this issue? I have an old Kitchenaid, and when I make bread, it does jiggle a bit when I have heavier doughs in there.

      I am not sure if they do jiggle normally, but I would suggest returning it if you are not satisfied.

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